Mercedes CLS W219 NTG2.5 Reversing Camera

Since I fitted the NTG2.5 system (see this post) to my car I wanted to make use of the Reversing Camera feature. The headunit has a dedicated video Fakra input which the unit can be set to switch to when reverse gear is selected. This may need to be enabled in the Comand system – if you don’t have STAR to do this, an alternative might be Reversing Camera for NTG2.5 Activator Comand

I used a Fakra to RCA adapter and fed the cable through to the boot at the same time as the main installation.

All that was required now was to route the RCA cable up the boot lid arm and into the boot lid. The camera I chose fits in place of one of the license plate light covers so the cables need to be routed there. I chose to power the camera from the reversing light power source so it is only active when reverse gear is engaged. The power cables needed to be routed there.

Removing the Inner Boot Lid Trim

There are several push in pins that hold the moulded boot cover in place. These need to be removed – there are about 8 in total.

Two more of the same push pins are located on each of the outer boot lid arms.

There are about 8 torx screws to remove around the button panel and this then clips off and you can disconnect the buttons (if  they are present) and lamp.

The inner trim then lifts off with the handles underneath being pulled out of the recesses they occupy. It was a bit fiddly to clear the rubber bump stops on the boot lid edge but the whole piece comes off quite easily.

Replacing the License Plate Light Cover

The cover simply unscrews with a cross head screwdriver and pulls out with the bulb. The contacts remain in the boot lid. The camera I used replaces this cover (and is still translucent so the light gets through) so the bulb needs to be transferred and then this new cover/camera slots in and the connecting wire(s) fed through. Since there is only a very small gap to feed anything through, the RCA connectors wouldn’t fit so I needed to cut the cable and reattach/solder it together on the other side.

Note that the chrome strip that runs along the length of the boot lid and around the license plate lights does not come off easily. It is actually a strong plastic and glued as well as screwed on.

The cables were then routed along the same path as the rest of the cables running into down the boot lid arm and into the boot.

You can just about see the power connector for the license plate bulb.

I tapped the power to the left hand rear light cluster loom. In my car the reverse light power was Yellow/Green and as always on these, Brown was earth. It is important to make sure that there is enough slack in both the RCA and power leads to ensure that the full movement of the boot lid does not stress or pull the cables – once I confirmed this, I cable tied and taped everything up to keep it tidy and prevent anything getting trapped or disconnected.

The Installed Camera

All Working

The camera works fine – I tested all connections before putting everything back together – always best to do that – it comes on when reverse is engaged and the headunit is set to automatically switch to the video input. The guide lines may either come with the camera depending on the model but can also be enabled in the Comand unit.

Alternatively, you can buy the complete kit including the Camera, Interface and Activator from Media in Motion: Media In Motion Mercedes Comand NTG2.5 Rear View Camera + Camera Input Interface, Activator – RVC-MB5-KIT


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    • I’d taken the side section of boot liner out (that covers the rear SAM and AV equipment) to get access to the cable path down the side of the car. There are a couple of retaining clips and two screws that secure this to the boot floor. The rear cluster plug and connector should be accessible once this panel is removed.

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