Removing a Stuck or Seized Brake Disc/Rotor

This provides a brief set of instructions on how to remove a brake disc that has become fused to the wheel hub due to constant heating up and cooling down coupled with moisture (rust) between the surfaces.

It is often very difficult to remove them – even with a hammer!

The method explained here is preferred because excessive shock forces with a hammer can have an adverse impact on the wheel bearing.

What You Need

What To Do

With the caliper removed, insert a bolt into each mounting hole from the inner side of the disc so that the thread of the bolt is going towards the disc.

Load the bolts in the following order
Washer, Washer, Nut, Nut


and position them such that the last nut is at the end of the bolt thread (it is out of view in the above picture as it has been pushed into the hub recess of the disc).

Using an appropriately sized spanner and socket, hold the first nut stationary while tightening the head of the bolt. The bolt will move in towards the disc and the nut on the end will exert a force against the disc, pushing it outwards.

Alternate between the top and bottom bolts, a little bit at a time until you hear a crack – that will be the disc breaking loose of the hub!

Note that you should only do this with discs you do not plan to reuse as there will be scoring and damage to the disc surface.

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