A DIY Temporary Browser

Here’s something I stumbled across that could be useful if you find yourself without a browser for whatever reason…

1. Open notepad and paste in the following line of code

<iframe src="http://www.bing.co.uk/" width="100%" height="100%" />

Change the web address to whatever site you’d like, I tried a few search engines –  at the time of writing, Google doesn’t seem to work in iframes anymore but it did when I first tested this…

2. Save the file with the extension .hta (e.g. browser.hta) and run it

You can then use this to download a proper browser or use it to browse but there are limitations as to what you can view in a HTA.


  • Firstly, if you are trying to get around restrictions imposed by an Administrator – don’t. It’s naughty. I’m not responsible if you get thrown out of school or college or sacked from your job.
  • Secondly, a HTA is a HTML Application and consists of some form of HTML, as above, and generally, scripts supported by Internet Explorer, such as VBS. A HTA executes without IE security restrictions; it executes as a fully trusted application, if it is allowed by the policy. If it doesn’t work, maybe the extension has been blocked or the system has been locked down very tightly.
  • Thirdly, it won’t get you past any firewall restrictions or proxies. #justsaying


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