In the Grand Scale of Things…

How much do we actually know – in terms of who we are, and where we are? Sure, we know our local area like the back of our hand, we know all the short cuts and things that happen in certain areas. We know most things about the cities we live in, like bus times and what the best club or bar is. Some people, particularly those who travel and get out and about a bit more, know other cities like their own.

But for the most part, I think it’s safe to say, that as we get further away from home or look at things on a larger scale, we generally know less about them. It makes you wonder.

As humans, we are considered to be intelligent beings and at the top of the food chain etc. We have mastered many arts, we invented and discovered many things that, without which, the world would be entirely different today. We know, generally speaking, the way our planet is structured and where it is located within our solar system. We know our solar system is part of a galaxy, and that galaxy is part of a universe.

On a side note, notice I used ‘a universe’ instead of ‘the universe’ – how do we know there is just one? If you really want to confuse yourself sit through this flash presentation about the tenth dimension and await the impending brain implosion…(My brain turned to mush at about the 5th…) With so many unknowns, we are still silently complacent and confident that we know who and where we are.

In the grand scale of things, though, we know nothing. The above referenced flash presentation is just an example of how limited our knowledge is – even though these are all just theories. This short video puts things in perspective from a physical size point of view. It just demonstrates that, in my opinion, we know absoutely nothing about how we fit into it all. There are just too many unanswered questions.

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